4 Weight Training Exercises To Get You Ripped

Are you looking for some weight training exercises to help get you ripped?

If you're trying to slim down and get into that beach body shape, you need to be focusing on certain workouts to help you achieve those results.
That's where weight training exercises comes into play, these are the type of workouts that'll get you the muscles you want, while helping you get lean.
Let's take a look at some useful workout tips that'll help you get lean.

1. Large Muscle Groups
When trying to lose weight and trim down, you need to be incorporating weight training exercises to your workout routines. By using weights, you're challenging your body to build leaner, and stronger muscles. And by developing these muscles you'll increase its muscular metabolism, helping those same muscles burn more calories - more efficiently.

Whether you are a veteran, or a newbie to the gym scene. You must focus your attention of training the large muscles groups of the body. Those being the back, chest, and legs. These workouts will target the most muscle stimulation, driving the overall gains of lean muscle development.

2. Upper Body
One of the largest muscle groups would be a combination of the chest and back. These two muscle groups form the upper body.

By performing upper body workouts such as the bench press, you're developing a strong anterior portion of the chest as well and the secondary muscle groups as the triceps and shoulders.
And as you may know, you cannot properly train the chest without adequate back development. The rowing and pushing type movements, are the basic essentials to growing a symmetrical physique.

3. Lower Body
Another great workout would have to include the legs. This is by far, one of the most neglected type of weight training exercises. That's partly due to the fact that - its friggin' tough & painful!
Everyone who has tried doing squats, leg presses, or any type of heavy-weighted lower body movements will understand that I'm talking about. It hurts! But its also, damn effective!
And is most definitely a workout you need to be doing, the sooner you understand this, the sooner you can accelerate your muscle building.
Don't be like the majority of gym goers who refuse to do the squats. Be the one that actually does it, and loves it!
That's what separates the moderate gains - from the impressive gains!

4. Cardio
If you're particular goal is to burn fat and get ripped. You must be doing some kind of cardiovascular program. You simply will not get the lean, sculptured, and shredded look, without a consistent solid diet or cardio program.
I would recommend you do 3-4x 30-45 minute cardio sessions a week. Follow this link to learn more about fat burning exercises and which ones are the most effective.

Bottom Line
The take home message here is that in order to get lean and ripped, you must incorporate some type of weight training exercises into your routine.
These workouts will not only help you get lean, but will also help you achieve greater muscle density, and making you look better.

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