Top 5 Muscle Building Foods

27 July 2021

What are the best muscle building foods to help you develop some serious muscle?

To build quality muscle, you need to be eating quality whole foods. And by following these foods outlined below you'll be well on your way to developing high quality muscle mass.

Top 5 Muscle Building Foods

These are a typical bodybuilders diet used to help them pack-on the most nutrients to fuel muscle growth and fast! Another options to get best results is combine with muscle building supplements like Crazy Bulk D-Bal, a legal alternative to Dianabol steroids.

1. Chicken Breast

Chicken Breast is an excellent muscle building foods choice. It is both high in protein and low in fats. It packs a great amount of protein per serving.

This is a healthy poultry choice and is easy to cook, making it versatile in many muscle building meals.

2. Eggs
Eggs are an important part of any bodybuilding diet. It is the staple of a complete diet.

It has quality fats, quick absorbing, and tastes fantastic in practically any meal. They're are especially great for breakfast, and for pre/post-workout meals.

This is a good source of protein because it's very easy to prepare and cook.

3. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is another example of a quality type of muscle building food. This is a complex carbohydrate that is slow digesting, helping you stay fuller - longer.

It is particularly good for a breakfast meal or mixed in with a powdered protein shake (tasted delicious).

Relatively easy and quick to cook. The taste/ tixture of oatmeal maybe a turn off for some, but once you learn the true benefits of this unique carbohydrate - you'll quickly fall in love with it!

4. Almonds
Almonds are a great source of essential fatty acids. It can be used as a light snack in-between meals, or can be added to compliment any of your muscle building meal.

As you may know, having a solid supply of EFA's as part of your general bodybuilding diet is critical for muscle building success.

The body only grows if it has ample supplies of proteins and fatty acids present, which helps fuel and facilitate muscle growth.

5. Rice
Rice is a great carbohydrate. It's both cheap and packs a ton of nutrients for the body. But what's better brown or white rice?

Both are excellent choices for hard gainers because you can add a ton of easy calories just by eating multiple rice servings throughout the day.

It is easy to eat, and can be added to practically any meat product whether its chicken breast, beef, fish, you name it!

Bottom Line
The take home message here is: in order to building quliaty muscle, you need to be eating quality muscle building foods.

Building a great physique takes time. But by incorporating these quality foods and following a body building diet, having a caloric surplus, consistent eating schedule, following a high intensity workout plan and combine with supplementation, you can try Testogen testosterone booster.

You'll be well on your way to building an impressive physique. Be creative with these foods choices and tell me what you think!

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